Economics 3600: Intermediate Microeconomics



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Quiz 9 was Career review

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$27.5 Million Street Signs

2-D Glasses (Seriously)

5 Complaints About Modern Life (That Are Statistically B.S.) [Caution: From]

6 Socially Conscious Actions That Only Look Like They Help [Caution: From]

Abortion Article

African Breadbasket

American Manufacturing

Apple's 2011 supplier report: child workers, bribes, "involuntary labor"

Asia GDP

Blow my own foot off?

Capitalism Disproven (The Onion)

Capitalist Prices?

Cash for Clunkers

Cheating? Rent Control

China Article

Collective Bargaining for Public Employees?

Combining the effects of ALL transfer programs

Do Unions Work?

Does the new budget add to Debt?

Don’t let Ignorant People Vote

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

Elasticity and Comicbooks (Really nice site)

Elasticity and Terrorism

End of the Recession? - Unemployment Data

Food Inflation (not prices)

Good, Bad, and Walmart

Health Care Bill post Passage Summary

Health Vouchers for the Obese

Higher Taxes = Less Work

HOPE and Grade Inflation

How big are those budget cuts? (Caution: TERRIFYING)

How does the US corporate tax rate stack up?

How much does the government think your life is worth?

How poorly are Egyptians paid?

How we spend our day

I pity these fools

I’ll pay you to stop protesting

I’ll trade you my Kidney for a ticket

India’s Government won’t let Citizens Farm?

International Economic Overview Tool

iPad Job Killer?

Marx was right?!?!

Michael Moore too?!?!?  (VERY relevant Mankiw Post)

Microsoft is MORE Ethical than competitors??

Mistakes of “Left-Wing” Economists

Mistakes of “Right-Wing” Economists

My Wife is Wrong

Now that’s what I call inflation

Obama’s Budget Proposal

Obamacare One Year Later

Paying for (Human) Eggs

Pornography and Rape (I can’t believe we’re talking about this)

Primates and Game Theory

Raise Payroll taxes to pay for Unemployment (Makes perfect sense)

Ranking Teachers

Recent Job loss due to Minimum Wage

Recession Spending

School Report Cards


Spot the Externality

States Compared to Countries by GDP

Stupid Criminals

Survey of Democrats, Republicans, and Economists (Update 1 2)

The Cost of your Gym Membership is Based on How Hard you Workout

The Market for Kidneys

The Market for Theater (READ THE FIRST COMMENT)

There is NO Gender Wage Gap!?!


Understanding Poverty

Unintended Consequences – Slavery in Sudan

Unintended Consequences of Health Care Reform

USA and everyone else GDP growth


Watch a market grow

Weed-Firing Catapult (You read that right)

What does a $1,000,000 in budget cuts look like?

When the Debt is Due

Which country drinks the most Beer?

Which political party is better for the Economy?

Who made my iPhone and how guilty should I feel?

Who’s really Unemployed?

World Income Inequality

World Poverty

Zim Dollar Toilet Paper